My Instructional philosophy and background: 

I am intensely dedicated to teaching with a strong commitment to the development of musicianship and artistry in all students. I believe it is imperative that students build a strong technical foundation and make the connection between an understanding of music and the relationship of technique to repertoire performance. One of my most important goals is to help students achieve technical skills that will facilitate ease of musical expression and its communication. 

The following teachers have greatly contributed to my teaching philosophy and musical understanding: Dorothy DeLay (The Juilliard School, four years of study and an M.M.) and Franco Gulli (Indiana University, four years of study and a B.M. with a performer’s certificate). Over a number of years, I have developed a practical technical system that provides a structured regimen for the growth of musicianship and performance skills. 

Preparing students for the music profession: 

I believe students should be encouraged to specialize in particular areas as well as become technically proficient on the instrument while learning the standard classical repertoire. For example they might need to define a niche for themselves such as championing contemporary music, performing the music of women composers, studying and integrating the music of other cultures, giving live performances in conjunction with multi-media or other art forms including dance and theater. Students should have a realistic idea (without limitations) of what to expect from the business side of music. Understanding the professional world and having the ability to exhibit flexibility and diversity are fundamental to having a successful music career. 

As a studio teacher I feel a tremendous responsibility to mentor and teach my students all aspects of how to be the best musicians possible. My desire to maximize their potential is foremost whether I’m preparing them for auditions, competitions, concertos, recitals, chamber music, juries or even for a non-professional life in which music serves to enrich their existence. 

It’s important for me to support my students in all of their musical endeavors.  The more involved they become in musical projects and events no matter what the medium, the more experience and versatility they will have. I also insist that my students take a very active role in chamber music, the orchestra program as well as contemporary and/or baroque ensemble. I particularly like to help students locate and play little known compositions and perform in unique situations.  For them to share what they love to do with the world, can only make it a better place.

Places i teach

The Hartt School

A comprehensive music school offering undergraduate and graduate degrees on the campus of the University of Hartford.

point counterpoint 

 July 19-Aug 1 2020

A chamber music camp for  students ages 13-20.  Lessons, chamber music, and a wide variety of classes from cooking to college preparation to art.  UPDATE:  for the summer of 2020 we will be offering a full camp experience, but online.  Click on the link and apply to Session 3!